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Business Management

Strategy & Organization
We help guide corporations in the process of adopting appropriate structures, systems, and policies to actually realize their value. We assist in the development of Organizational Effectiveness groups in organizations that directly concern themselves with several key areas. They are talent management, leadership development, organization design and structure, design of measurements and scorecards, implementation of change and transformation, deploying smart processes and smart technology to manage the firms' human capital and the formulation of the broader Human Resources agenda.
Corporate Development
We assist Corporations in the planning and execution of a wide range of strategies to meet specific organizational objectives. The kinds of activities falling under corporate development may include initiatives such as recruitment of a new management team, plans for phasing in or out of certain markets or products, considering a partner for a strategic alliance, establishing relationships with strategic business partners, identifying and acquiring companies, securing financing, divesting of assets or divisions, increasing intellectual property assets and so on.
JLF Consulting guides corporations in sustainability by helping them to endure and survive in an environment into the future. Sustainability management involves placing an emphasis on future, long term goals for your business rather than focusing on short term profits. Being a sustainable business doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your bottom line. In the long term, sustainable businesses prove to be more profitable as they adapt and grow with the changing market. It can provide you with a competitive advantage and allow you to differentiate your business from the competition.
When the time comes for your corporation to expand into a different country, we can assist you in the process of international integration and development.
IT Management/Implementation
JLF Consulting's management, payroll and human resources technology are developed, refined and licensed by JLF Consulting just for you, our clients. We take pride in installing and maintaining these products and/or assisting your IT Team if that is your preference. It goes without saying that technology has to perform, has to be reliable, useable and functional. And that's all part of managing IT, requiring a combination of technical skills, business acumen, operational awareness and management capabilities. All of these elements combine to create the actionable "ways and means" for managing IT within multiple types of business environments and circumstances.


Business Coaching
We can assign business coaches and/or teams to your organization in an effort to assist you with productivity and retention. Being a coach means that you see and approach the role of manager as a leader — one who challenges and develops your employees' skills and abilities to achieve the best performance results, and to function as self-sufficiently as possible. In other words, if you manage as a coach, your staff members learn, grow, and work hard, too. As you seek to get the best out of their performance, you also have to work very hard.Coaching influences employee adaptability, productivity, and retention.
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